Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Day another Issue

Yesterday was interesting.

My mom and sis and myself and my 2 yr old went on a day long shopping trip to Orlando. Left town here at 8:15am. Went to Khol's, Yankee Candle Shop, BJ's Wholesale Club, JoAnn Fabrics, then seeing how me the diabetic didn't eat breakfast, and being w/ my mom and sister they just don't eat period, lunch wasn't until 3pm! After all the shopping. Went to Cracker Barrel. Matt was miserable during lunch, wouldn't eat.

On the way home we passed the 2 sinkholes that opened up on the hwy. Huge holes. They are trying to fill them. But hey, where did the earth go in the first place? Florida is not safe. Then after that we passed a horrible accident. Saw a dead body on the road w/ a bloody sheet over him and just his feet out. No one else in the accident was badly hurt. Turned out to be a cop that was killed in his SUV, thrown out of the car that rolled, not wearing a seat belt.....yes did I mention he was a COP.. his passenger was ok...not the cops fault, some guy swerved to miss hitting a car that pulled out on him and that car clipped the SUV causing it to roll. Guess it was good we took our time at the restaurant to eat, otherwise we could of seen it or been part of that accident.

Got home at about 5:30pm, just in time to unload my goodies, and get Kevin to CubScouts. To which it was at the Hospital where Jim works. Fun Time.

Hopefully today is less hectic. Kevin in school, Matt is chillin watching Sponge Bob, cat, hampster, and the bird are sleeping. Not much left to do. I do need to run to Walmart, so that will be horrible as usual. I do need to get gas, another unpleasant thing to do. Go to the bank to see how much money I don't have left. Then pick up Kevin, listen to him whine about doing homework....dinner...then bed hopefully. But something tells me it wont go that smoothly.

We will see.

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