Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Planning for Disney World

Ok, first step was done, spent 8 hours at Snow Fest trying to keep the peace w/ a zillion kids at a bouncy house slide thing from Hell. Making sure parents didn't step on the fire ant mound while taking pictures of their kids. Got one heck of a sunburn on my face, cancer city here I come, the sun wasn't even out, but the wind was horrible.

This was step one, volunteer my time, my husbands time and Kevin's time. All for a free ticket to get into Disney World.

Step 2 print tickets. A simple task. My printer blew up after I printed the tickets however.

Step 3---decide which day to go. UMMM...there is no school friday the 19th of Feb for Kevin, Matt is still 2 so they don't charge him 40 bucks to walk in the door till May, so go while he is FREE. 17 years ago to this day Jim and I were married and on the 18th we went to Disney for our honeymoon week. Somehow I'm always a day late and a dollar short. Lots of dollars...

Step 4--Go online and map our trip, get Disney DVD to see what is new. Well, I mapped and printed the whole Disney World thing, and stuff I would like to take kids to see. Sitting down and watching the DVD I've had for a couple months has yet to be watched.

Step 5---Make reservations to spend night in Orlando. Not an easy task. As one who hates to travel and just end up disappointed with each hotel she has ever stayed at, I have learned a thing or two. DO your research. Listen to the reviews. DUH...oh, we can't stay the night of our trip, but the day before. Due to Kevin's Scout Derby race on Sat at 9am. OH did I mention his car is NOT DONE.

Step 6--Found place for cheap online to spend thurs night. Crap, that is tomorrow. UGH. 44 bucks is pretty cheap I thought. Wonder what bed bugs await for us. But it has a Disney good neighbor approval sticker. Doesn't that mean anything?

Step 7--Do laundry much for our anniversary...need to wash clothes...need to pack. WHY ME....need to buy Kev a Disney shirt at walmart prior to us going to Disney. They are only 10 bucks at wally world. At Disney world they will be 30.

Step 8---remind me again why we are going? NO CLUE at this point.

Tune in Thursday to see how it's going.

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