Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Guts Hurt

What a past 24 hrs this has been. First Matt gets the gastrointestinal (aka 24 hr flu bug) on wed. So I was cleaning up after his messes, then low and behold, I get it at 3am friday morning. Thank goodness it didn't happen thursday night for our back to school night. Our PTO table was right at the front door and we had to talk to lots of people and pass out lots of stuff and sell lots of spirit shirts. I felt great, even got pepperoni pizza for dinner afterwards.. NOT GOOD. I may never eat pizza again. Not good the second time around.

I'm such a violent thrower upper. I could never be bulimic. Reminded me of the chick from the exorcist. My throw up was horizontal. Lots of it. So bad then my throat starts to bleed on top of it all.

Needless to say I was in bed till 4pm. Got up long enough to watch a movie, then back to bed for a few hours, then up again to find something to eat. Settled for a doughnut. (Bad kids and daddy in this house went out shopping while I was in bed, we never have doughnuts when I go to the store) It was good however. But more importantly it stayed down.

I'm doing ok today. Stomach hurts like a mack truck ran over it. I can't sneeze, laugh, or even yell. Which is not good cause I sneeze very loud and hard and I had to do this today. I almost blew my head off, trying to hold it down. OUCH, very painful to laugh.

School starts monday. Hopefully we are ready to go. Wonder if Jim realizes yet our 1st PTO meeting is 2 weeks away? He is our PTO president. Which really means I am PTO president. He is just a better public speaker than I am.

On the plus side of things...I lost 7 pounds. I gave up weighing myself for the past couple weeks. I was just gaining weight even though I have been working out now for 2 months straight sometimes 5 days a week. 90 min or more each day. So I gave up threw scale across room, felt much better. Thought I would weigh in this am. Surprise.. Could of been from not eating for a day and throwing up about a weeks worth of food storage. So, I took a pic a couple days ago on my progress. Everyone says I'm firming up? ummmm....not sure I like that statement. But I guess it's better than nothing.

Here is the now pic

Here is the 1 year ago pic

What do you think?

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