Friday, August 13, 2010

I lived

As luck might have it, the doc decided I only needed to have my last two spots deeply scraped. Really? These spots were somehow different than the other 3 you had to cut out and stitch me for? I think the problem was, it's almost 5pm and I'm ready to leave and I was the last patient. So, no time for cutting and stitching. Don't have to go back for 6 weeks now. I still don't understand, these spots are the same type of spots that the other 3 was. So, I guess in 50 years from now, if I should so be living still, I will have cancer on my shoulder and lower back. Nice to know now I guess.

Needless to say, I don't have an excuse for not going to the Y now. I was going to be out for 3 weeks. Now I'm fine. Still hurts some, but I will live.

I didn't fall asleep last night till 3:30 am. I was reading a book and I hate to put a good book down. I am the type that must finish a book in 3 days or less or I'm not happy. I also like to read the last page first :) I hate surprises. Wonder why I do this. However the book was pretty good. Called Almost Dead. By Lisa Jackson. I have never read any books from her. It was a good story, but I was confused most of the time. I like James Patterson, Beverly Lewis, Nicholas Sparks. I go from one extreme to another. I used to read Stephen King books, but the language got to be too much. Not that Patterson books are any better, but I really enjoy his books. Guess it helped that I got to see him once and he signed some books for me.

Now, If only the church women's book club read such exciting books. Why can't we discuss Twilight books, something current? They read weird books that I have never heard of. Then again, they should read church books. That would be nice. But that would be too easy I guess. How about we have a reality show chat once a week. I would love that. My whole life is DVR. I dont watch tv unless it's recorded. I hate commercials. Plus I like to skip the boring stuff. But I tell you what I can't get enough of it. Reality shows that is.

That all started years and years ago, when the first reality shows started up on MTV. I do remember when MTV started, I was in about 8th grade and my friend's family had "cable" they really had videos on all the time. But fast fwd to the late 80's 90's they started with the "real world" and "road rules". That was fun. I used to watch them. Now we dont have MTV anymore, only family channels, that is what Directv says I have for 45.00 a month. I have yet to figure out why my favorite channel TV Land is not included in the Family channel line up. I can sit and watch Happy Days, Andy Griffith, I love Lucy, Good Times, 24/7. No, I have shopping channels now and church channels, lots of cartoons, no cartoon network, that is bad cartoons. Thankfully the Hallmark Channel is now showing Little House on the Prarie. I can be happy for an hour. Anyways. Those reality shows on MTV got really bad. I stopped watching those shows and started watching American Idol when it first started. Still watch it. Still call in and vote if I think the singer is any good and needs my help. I have even been to an American Idol on tour concert, I think I went to 2 of them. I only watch certain reality shows. I love the Amazing Race. Seeing how I will not step foot on an airplane, seeing the countries that are out there and the cultures is wonderful. I watch survivor. Love any show with Gordon Ramsey. So you think you can dance, I like this show too. I have been watching America's got Talent, to which it should be called America's got some crazy BLEEP people in it.

Another Day.

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