Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Surgery

I so hate Doctors. All of them. Somehow as we get older we get more Doctors. Not good for one that has the "white coat" syndrome. Doc's laugh at me and say they are not wearing a white coat and my blood pressure still sky rockets. Even with my dang blood pressure pills. Can't be a good thing.

Today is the Dermatologist. He is not the most talkative person, and when he is he uses the $100.00 words, I just need to say stop, write that down I will Google it later so I understand what the heck you just said.

My mother.....she is the one that started this. She had tounge cancer now the rest of the family must have some type of cancer or she is not going to be happy. She said I need to go see a dermatologist. Never been before...didn't see a problem. But I went...earlier this year I went. Doc checked me out. Of course he had to ask if I wanted a full body check or just upper. REALLY? Do you have to ask? I've never been before, never been checked before? So, if I have the choice of course I will just say upper is fine. he put on these crazy looking magnifying glasses and looked me over. Didn't even look at my scalp. You would think of all places the sun hits my head first. DUH...Am I really paying this guy? Needless to say he looked, took a sharpie marker to me, took some pics, then scrapped off top layers of some "spots". 5 spots to be exact. Then he cut something that was growing off the side of my eye. NOT FUN.

Biopsies came back. Mild to Moderate nothing severe thank goodness. But they have to all GO. Really ??? They might turn into cancer 50 years from now, so why wait? Sure I have nothing else better to do. The first time I decided how hard can this be? I said go for 2 of them at once. So, he did. He dug out spots. Must of been about an inch deep and and inch round. Could you take out some fat too while your there? Then what he takes out goes back for more biopsy's to see if he got it all? Great, like he didn't know when I was sitting there bleeding to death the first time? Then he moves on to spot #2, however the numbing stuff wore off from that spot. So more needles....then the fun part happens when they tell you to hold on to this piece of metal. I was like WHY? If you don't apparently I get zapped to the next life. SO, this piece of metal is my new best friend. While he burns the blood to make me stop bleeding. Then you smell burning flesh. Not good. Then he is done, leaves, and the nurse gets to play stitch me up and see if you can make a straight line. I get about 8 stitches or 10. Takes her FOREVER. I could do an entire cross stitch by the time she gets done with me. Then bandages me up. Doc comes back, write a script for 3 days of anitibiotics, and he is off. I get dressed and I go home. By the time I drive home the numbness starts to wear off. I am crabby the rest of the day. Can't do much of anything, no lifting, no twisting, no nothing. BLAH. I do not recommend having 2 done at the same time. Too much trouble. Jim has to clean and put stuff on them and re bandage me up every night for the next 2 weeks. Then after the two weeks I go back and have the stitches removed, well, only half of them. Wait another 2 weeks for the rest to be removed. Then I get some steri strips and goodbye make another appt. UGH...So, I had another spot on my left abdomen. Didn't bother me at all. Just one of those round brown flat not raised mole like things. That had to go too. Fine....but that was in a bad spot. I sleep on that side. So, that was bothersome.

Now I have horrible scars on me in 3 places. YUCK to that. The doc decided to take a vacation for a month in the summer, so they are not too concerned about my spots. I decided to take a whole summer off. So that I could go in a pool. Today my summer is over and my luck has run out. I have 2 more spots that need to go. One is on the back of my shoulder and the other is lower back near the other 2. Wonder which one goes today?

It's also my sister's birthday. She get's to watch my kids today for the first time she will have all 4 kids. Her husband is home too, does that really count? I get all 4 kids by myself for 12 hrs. She gets them w/ her husband to help for an hour? Somehow it's not fair. She will be mad I didn't buy her a card or gift. :) can't remember everything.

Hopefully things go well and I post later my latest story.

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