Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Week

10 am and all is well. So far. Babysitting niece and nephew again today. 4 kids...just a bit much for the old woman to keep up with.

In church we are in the 2nd week of Marriage Relations class. I think that is what it is called. Our Bishop and his wife are in the class with us as well as our bestest friends and a newley wed couple.

Our assignment last week really made us stop and think. The instructor of the class asked us to write down all the things that interfere in our daily life which would create us not to be unified. Well, we thought, and thought. The only thing we came up with was work. Then again I said that really doesn't count seeing how you have to work or we dont eat or live. SO, does that really count? Then I decided I dont like to think of the negative things, let's take it one step further in a different direction. Let's wright down all the things we do that helps us be more unified. Which we came up with many different things. Like shopping, we both hate shopping, however we both go together. I only go to the stores by myself when I get very board around the house, or I need to pick up a couple things quick in and out. But when we do our weekly house shopping, or shopping for things the kids need, we go together. I noticed other families dont do that. It was a good assignment, however Sunday the instructor really didn't go over our "homework", so I guess it was more for us that anything.

This week our assignment is to read chapter 3 and then write about our "best date ever". Jim and I discussed this last night. We came up with all sorts of places we went different restaurants, most of the best dates have been due to us being on some type of vacation. My memory is shot so I dont remember much of anything. I really dont have a "best" date. Then define date, is this before we were married, which I really dont remember, or afterwards, with kids without kids along? Jim and I decided that anytime we go out w/ kids or not is the "best date ever". But I am still sad that I can't remember anything.

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