Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End Of Summer Vacation For Us All

Really? It's over? Where did the time go? In a few more days I will be getting up early, trying to drag Kevin out of bed, which is hard seeing how his bed is up to the ceiling, getting a 3 yr old up and out the door, driving Kevin to school, going to the Y to workout every morning, come home, clean house, pick up Kevin and his two brand new cousins from school, bring them back to my house, do homework on a 4th grade level, which is really 11th grade level, repeat 3rd grade homework with new nephew, and deal w/ a new crabby niece coming from Kindergarten. Really? My sister and husband adopted 2 kids this summer, kinda of a "surprise" to everyone. Extra work to do.

Over the summer, we didn't get to do to much fun things. We went to Orlando, stayed at the Omni Hotel. Guess that is a big deal to some. I didn't think it was so great. Went to the science museum in Orlando, that was fun. We went to the Family Fun Center in Lakeland, which is just a huge arcade place. Doesn't sound like a very fun summer. Kevin did have 6 weeks of swim lessons. So I think he is a bit better than before. We were not able to send him to New Hampshire this summer. So he was a bit upset about that. Maybe next summer?

Goodbye Summer.

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The Valley Family said...

Sounds like you had a fun summer. We hope too see you soon, come to Vegas for a trip! Your always welcome at our home!

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